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Restaurant Le Jardin Marrakech | The secret oasis in the heart of Marrakech’s Medina

Open everyday

From 11 AM to 9 PM

A 1960s Riad turned into a magical Oasis of freshness in the heart of the Medina:

The medina is one of the biggest mazes ever known to exist, inside its streets and souks LE JARDIN Marrakech restaurant is waiting for you to offer refreshing juices and succulent dishes from traditional Moroccan cuisine to European delicacies. LE JARDIN is internationally known for its green Zellige and endless greenery that transports tourists from the hectic souks to the calm and freshness of an Oasis with birds chirping all around. LE JARDIN is a small piece of heaven that will most definitely captivate you.

A once in a lifetime culinary experience in one of Marrakech’s best restaurants:

If you are looking for a good Marrakech restaurant, that serves freshly made dishes with local products, LE JARDIN is proposing Moroccan and European cuisine to delight your palates. Our menu gathers a variety of dishes, from our Berbery partridge Bastilla with sour cream and cherries for starters to our Briouates with Tomato confit, that conquered many of our visitors and asked for its recipe. A chicken and pear tagine for your main dish and our grilled octopus if you are craving grills. Not to forget our Vegetarian clients who will fall in love with our seasonable vegetable tagine. LE JARDIN is happy to receive you for one of the best food you will have in MARRAKECH for very reasonable prices. LE JARDINS’s dishes are made with passion and love, which is why you will come back to visit us.

A breathtaking Riad that has a lot to offer to its visitors:

known for its magnificent garden, and relaxing atmosphere, LE JARDIN offers a lot more to its visitors. With its strategic location, the Oasis is nearby museums, mosques, the famous DAR EL BACHA as well as the MEDERESA BEN YOUSSEF. Surrounded by old buildings with history our guests can lounge in our terraces in the evening and watch the occasional projection of classics of cinematography. Accentuated by Norya Ayron’s acclaimed pop-up shop that is located on the premises of the restaurant LE JARDIN is a Marrakech must.

If you are looking for a break after a hectic day strolling around the streets of the Medina, LE Jardin is the place to eat and enjoy a quiet meal surrounded by trees and birds. Visit one of Marrakech’s best restaurants known for its versified Menu and beautiful decoration that reminds you of an Oasis.

Located in the center of the Medina you will experience one of Marrakech’s best food, with our famous Beef Tangia and its root vegetables. And to Our vegetarian and vegan clients a list of dishes made especially for you in order to enjoy a peaceful and delicious meal in one of our many spectacular terraces or our indoor spaces for more privacy. After a good meal, our clients are invited to go to one of our outdoor areas to enjoy a hot min tea, juices, or ice creams along with the Famous Moroccan pastry.

Surrounded by greenery and the beautiful green zellige that makes this Marrakech restaurant a must on every traveler’s bucket list. Anne Favier’s decoration made Le Jardin restaurant a small piece of heaven on earth to every visitor that looks for quiet and peace of mind in the crazy streets of the Medina. You can also remember your visit by taking pictures or videos of the restaurant, so make sure to follow us on our social media platforms to enjoy our beautiful content.

With a strategic location you can visit the beautiful BEN YOUSSEF MEDRASSA, or the famous DAR EL BACHA, our restaurant is the perfect spot to relax before finishing up your tour of the beautiful medina of Marrakech. Le Jardin is also known for its team of professionals that make sure every client has the best experience possible, we are here to serve you and to make your dreams of a nice and extraordinary meal a reality.

A Sales team is under your service to help you with your bookings, for lunches, dinners as well as private parties, or Privatization of spaces in Le Jardin restaurant. So, if you are in search of a restaurant in the medina of Marrakech, ours is the best choice, you will have one of the best culinary experiences as well as one of the most unforgettable memories thanks to our beautiful decoration and the tranquility of our spaces. Welcome to Le Jardin restaurant, an Oasis of tranquility and prosperity where all of your dreams of a superb and delicious meal will come true.

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