Assortment of 5 traditional Moroccan salads  75
Assortment of 6 traditional mixed briouates  70
Niçoise Moroccan salad with grilled tuna -been, cumin, egg, lemon, onion, potato, tomato-  80
Lentil salad -cheese, eggplant, moroccan spices, tomato-  70
Bessara -fava bean soup with olive oil, cumin & pepper-  50
Harira -soup of tomato, beef, chickepea, celery & lentils served with dates-  50
Pastilla -sweet & savory pidgeon almond pie-  100

Tajine fish of the day & seasonal vegetables 130
Tajine of lamb & seasonal vegetables  120
Tajine chicken, green olives & lemon, served with couscous or fries  100
Tajine kefta, tomato & eggs, served with couscous or fries  100
Vegetarian seasonal couscous  100
Lamb traditional couscous  120

Chicken drumsticks, salad & french fries. Crepes or ice cream  80

Grilled half chicken  100
Chicken brochette  110
Beef brochette  120
Vegetable brochette  90
Hamburger Le Jardin  90
Grilled rib steack 350 grams  130
Mixed vegetable & meat brochette  120
Fish of the day brochette  120
Whole grilled dorade  130
Whole grilled sardines  90
All our grilled items are accompanied by grilled vegetables, french fries & 4 sauces:
mayonnaise with green charmoula, romanesco, green charmoula, red charmoula.

Moroccan Salad  40
Simple Lentil Salad  40
Taboulé  40

Spiced chocolate mousse  70
Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream  75
Assorted Maghrebi pastries  60
Caramelized pear tarte with spiced ice cream  75
Lemon tarte  60
Orange blossom infused crème brûlée  65
Ginger cheesecake with caramel sauce  75

Prices in Moroccan dirhams. An additional service charge of 7% will be added to the bill.